Divorce Litigation – When You Need an Advocate

services-family-counselingIt is common in a divorce or separation, that your feelings are getting the better of you.  The partner who initiates the divorce appears calmer while the other partner goes through a feelings of depression, anger, and pain. 

I am reminded of a passage by the author Jack Kornfeld.  “Our process of forgiveness may include speaking out and seeking justice, but in the end it is also a compassionate letting go, for our own sake as much as for others.  It is like the meeting of two former prisoners of war:  When one asked, ‘Have you forgiven your captors?’  the other replied, ‘No, never.’  The first ex-prisoner looked with kindness at his friend and said, ‘Well, then they still have you in prison, don’t they.’”

Divorce litigation is both a challenge as well as an opportunity for change.  It is common for one partner to be much more familiar with the family’s finances than the other.  There also may be underlying issues, such as health and other personal issues.  They may seriously affect the parenting of any children.  They  may also effect how each of you copes with the stress of separating and divorcing.

From start to finish, these are my commitments to our clients:

  1. I care about my clients. You are not just a case file to me, but a person with a legal problem who deserves to be treated with courtesy and respect.children
  2. You will have personal contact with me, not a secretary or a junior firm member.  When you contact me, I make sure your calls or e-mails are responded to promptly (same day) and any questions you may have are answered, so as to reduce any anxiety you may be feeling.
  3. I will listen to you and hear what your wants and needs are.
  4. I communicate regularly with you, via telephone and email so that you always know the status of your case and where we are in the process.
  5. I will take you step by step, in plain English, through the legal process and advise you as to your rights and duties under the law.  I want you to understand what I am doing for you and the reasons why.
  6. I try to resolve cases in mediation and I prepare for mediation thoroughly. The vast majority of cases are settled at mediation.
  7. Some times a divorce cannot be finalized through mediation and each spouse must engage in litigation to get a fair result. If I cannot settle the case or an issue in mediation, I will go to trial.  I am an experienced trial lawyer who will take your case to trial if necessary.
  8. I have been practicing family law in the Seattle area for nearly two decades and have developed a good reputation among my peers and the local judges.

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