Prenup Agreements

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Many people do not want to raise the issue of a prenuptial agreement amidst the optimism of entering into the partnership. It could signal your doubt about the viability of the partnership.

Here is the good news: Divorce statistics have followed a steady downward slope since their 1980 peak.

According to the 2010 Marriage Project study out of the University of Virginia, among college-educated couples who married in the mid-1990s, the likelihood of divorcing in the first 10 years of marriage fell 27 percent compared with college-educated couples who married in the 1970s. Only 11 percent of college-educated Americans divorce within the first 10 years today, compared with almost 37 percent for the rest of the population.

But just like any insurance policy, it’s nice to have it in any case.

The factors you should consider if a prenuptial agreement if you:

  • Is your income greater than your partners or do you anticipate a large increase in income?
  • Do you own a business or are you a partner in a business?
  • Will you or your partner be going to school while the other is working?
  • Do you expect to receive a considerable inheritance?
  • Do you come into the relationship with substantial wealth relative to your partner?
  • Do you or your partner have any significant health issues?
  • Are you or your spouse involved in any litigation?


If you are considering a prenuptial agreement, please keep in mind that you must get it done correctly.  Courts have thrown out many prenuptial agreements because they were not properly executed.


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