Six Things You Need to Know Going Into a Divorce


    Here are Six Essential Steps you must take to prepare for divorce in Washington state.

1.     Consult an experienced divorce attorney.

Become informed about your legal rights and responsibilities. Remember that every situation is unique.  Only an attorney experienced in divorce law in Washington state is competent to answer questions that are unique to your situation.

2.     Put your kids at the top of your agenda.

 During the divorce process, keep your children’s routines as normal as possible. If you and your spouse cannot be together with the children without arguing, create a schedule of separate times for each of you to be with the children. Stay involved (or become involved) in your children’s school, sports, and social activities. Do not badmouth your spouse to your children. Put your children first in your life.

3.      Should you move out of the home? 

 You should try to stay in the family home if you have minor children.  The court will be inclined the keep the minor children primarily in the family home together with the parent who has the children most of the time.   If you think you have to move, take into consideration that you should stay close to your children’s home and that you may have to pay child support.

4.      Copy Documents 

 Go through household files and make copies of your important financial documents, like tax returns, paystubs, savings and investment accounts.

 5.     Make a Balance Sheet of Your Net Worth.

 List the major items of value that you own and owe.  A simple two column chart will do as a start.  The first column should list the description of your assets and liabilities—the family home, the mortgage, the cars, the investment and savings accounts, etc.  This will be refined and form the basis for dividing your marital estate.

 6.     Know the household budget and expenses.

Go through your check register for the past year and write down each utility, mortgage, and other household expense for each month. It is likely that you will have to disclose a monthly budget in a standard court form known as a financial declaration.


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