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How To Guide – Divorce Services for clients in Seattle and greater King County, Washington


Managing divorce conflicts involves coping with emotions so they don’t drive your decisions, learning calm, respectful ways to communicate, exploring options, and creative problem-solving. These can be challenging, but important tasks. Navigating such tasks, coping with your own feelings, helping your children adjust, and making important decisions for yourself and your family that will affect everyone for years to come deserve your best ability; and you deserve unbiased, informed help and support.  Most of the time we strive to minimize conflict  between you and your spouse as you move through the legal process.  Sometimes the situation is dire and you need a strong advocate.  In either instance, we work with you to realize your goals.

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We offer a variety of divorce services to help you effectively create a post-divorce family that meets your and your family’s needs. Because you and your children deserve the opportunity to create a healthy life, during and after the divorce. The optimal goal is to provide a divorce process where you take good care of yourself, parent effectively and well with your children’s other parent, communicate calmly and respectfully, and negotiate your differences; putting your well-being, your future, and your children at the center of the priorities and the process.

We understand the  intense feelings and confusion that may accompany a divorce. It can be a time of uncertainty about the future with concerns about the changes confronting you and your family. Time, money, patience, and resolve can be stretched thin.  Read on about the various services and resources that can help make this vision a reality for you. 

Our goal is to provide optimal divorce services for our clients. 

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