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Custody Evaluations III – Seattle Divorce Attorney

Given the importance of a parent’s right to raise his or her children, parents must have a good opportunity to challenge a bad parenting evaluation.  The parenting evaluation should be based on statements that are recorded or which at least

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Child Custody Evaluations II — Seattle Divorce Attorney

The things normally done in a parenting evaluation consist of interviews of the parents and children; observations of the parent/child relationship; interviews of collateral contacts, such as teachers, relatives, counselors; review of relevant documents; psychological or substance abuse testing, if

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How Alimony is Awarded — Seattle Divorce Attorney

By  Allen Glass As a divorce attorney practicing in King County, I am often trying to negotiate alimony (called “spousal maintenance” in Washington).  According to the Internal Revenue Service, former spouses pay around $9 billion in alimony each year. In

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